Hey buddy, can you spare some dollars?

19 Oct

If you’re like most people, you delete campaign emails without reading them. We all get enough spam as it is.

But you are ignoring something someone slaved over for hours, looking for just the right nuance. Then a whole bunch of people had to look at it adding their approval or changes. It’s amazing sometimes these actually get these out the door under 24 hours.

For fun sometime, open one and look at what they wrote. There’s a whole art to writing a campaign email. We done more than our share.

With tongue firmly in cheek, we present the rules for writing a successful and effective political campaign email:

1. Keep it under 3 paragraphs. Less if possible. Nobody looks forward to reading these things.

2. Put your problem right at the top to catch those who rarely read more than a few lines.

3. Tell the reader this is a freekin’ emergency and we gotta act now!

4. Make sure you use a lot of so-called action words: now, act, quickly, immediately, help. This is a call to action not a friendly chit-chat.

5. Let the reader know that they’re facing a disaster if the other guy wins.

6. Point out all the untruthful and unfair things you think are being said about you.

7. Ask for money. Give a suggested dollar amount. Start medium and end high. You suggest $5, that’s what you’ll get.

8. Wrap it up with something soft and fuzzy so you leaving them feeling good.

Sit back and wait for the money to roll in.

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