The quiet draft of Tammy Duckworth

30 Mar

Let’s go back a bit to March 3rd.

We were handicapping some names for Senator Dan Akaka’s seat in Congress.

Senator Dan Inouye threw out a few in a PBS interview and we added a couple more.

One of those from Inouye was Tammy Duckworth.

She’s a true hero, a graduate of McKinley High School graduate and Iraq war veteran where she was gravely wounded while flying a helicopter.

Today she’s Assistant Secretary for Public and Intergovernmental Affairs with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

We called her a dark horse if she ran.

Now, some folks are gently pushing for her to jump in.

A Draft Tammy Duckworth website has popped up.
Nothing fancy – just her picture and it states it’s not affiliated or paid for by Duckworth.

But there’s something everyone else missed.
Looking through the source code for the site shows a hidden Facebook page address for drafting her.
You can see it here.

So far no word from Duckworth on whether she might be interested.

UPDATE  4/6: The Draft Tammy Duckworth website now shows a link to the Facebook page.

UPDATE  5/31: Tammy Duckworth has not decided if she will run for elected office again. But if she does, it will not be for Hawaii. “As honored as I am by all those who’d like me to run here — and I get asked that question all the time — my home and my National Guard unit are in Illinois. And if I run for office again, it’ll be there,” she said.

UPDATE  6/14: Duckworth leaves the VA. Speculation is to run for office in the new Illinois 8th district. Details here.

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