Cain selling his endorsement

9 Jan

Remember Herman Cain?

One of the many, ever-changing, poll leaders in the GOP presidential nomination race?

The guy who went out in a blaze of allegations over too many girlfriends and loose hands?

Mr. Pizza says he is going to make an endorsement two days before the January 21st South Carolina primary.

He calls it an “unconventional” endorsement.

“I’m going to make an endorsement the Tuesday before the South Carolina primary, but let me warn you, it will be an unconventional endorsement. Underscore the word unconventional.”

This has problems written all over it.
Typical Herman Cain.

Let’s briefly go over a few truisms in political races and why Mr. Cain will end up with his pizza on the front of his $3,000 suit:

First, unconventional does not work in politics.

The last person to try unconventional was Sarah Palin and she is sitting home in Alaska wondering what to do with her life.

Second, whatever he has in mind, he has already blown it because whatever he does will not live up to the expectations he just generated.

There is nothing new under the sun or in politics.

Cain has violated one of the main rules of politics and of show business: Never promise more than you can deliver.

A vague promise of “unconventional” is simply going to flop.

By announcing a specific date he will make the endorsement, he guarantees the press will ignore him until the day of the so-called event.

It’s important to understand something – endorsements in politics, especially at the Presidential level are always auctioned or sold.

The skillful politician makes it look as if it was a surprise and freely given.

Nikki Haley of South Carolina pulled this off when she made her endorsement and now she certainly believes she is on Romney’s short list for Vice President.

You could fill Aloha Stadium with the politicians who believed they were promised the Vice Presidency in exchange for their endorsement in the last 50 years.

Cain sounds like he is selling his endorsement to the highest bidder.

Any smart politician won’t want it.
The guy comes with too much baggage and has pissed a lot of people off with his arrogance and loss of female support.

Cain has his 8 or so percent diehard supporters which can still be directed to another candidate and do them some good, and maybe him too.

The problem is what candidate wants to share a stage with him and his deeply tarnished reputation?

The stupid politician wants all the black voter support that might come with Cain’s backing.
They’d be wrong.
They’ll stay with Obama.

At least he doesn’t fool around on his wife.

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