Why Perry is staying in the race

9 Jan

Last Tuesday, Rick Perry’s Presidential dreams seemed to be at an end.

He placed 5th in Iowa, ahead of Michele Bachmann and Jon Huntsman who did not compete in that caucus.

He cancelled his trip to South Carolina and went home to Texas to reassess his campaign.

In politics, a reassessment is the step a candidate takes before quitting the race.

Then Wednesday came the tweet from Rick Perry: on to South Carolina.

There were a number of speculations as to why Perry changed his mind.

Perhaps one day we will learn from campaign insiders, but here’s our best guess.

Rick Perry wants to be President.
He still has money and a campaign team.

If he stays in the race his chances of winning are slim.
If he drops out, his chances are zero.

Bachmann dropped out.

Moments after she declared in her nationwide speech that she was stepping aside, Perry tweeted that he was going on.

If she had stayed in, Perry would have dropped out.
He saw a way forward with her gone now.

Unlike Michele Bachmann, who had nothing left after Iowa, Perry has resources.

This isn’t about whether Rick Perry should or should not be the nominee of the Republican Party.
It is about the politics of possible.

Rick Perry has a vision for America.
Agree with it or disagree with it, he does have a vision.

If the pushes on, he has a chance.
If he quits, he has no chance.

Perry is playing the odds – as bad as they are.

The odds do not favor him, but if he gives up, he has no chance.

If he pulled out he would be forgotten in a few months – another “also ran” whose name would have a small notation saying he was a GOP presidential candidate in 2012.

He says in, he stays in the public eye.
For later.

Whether he wants to be the vice-president or run for some other national position he needs to be a player.
One doesn’t become a player by disappearing.

That’s our speculation.

Add you own in the comments if you like.

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