The anti-Romney Movie

10 Jan

This is brutal and points out just how low the GOP presidential race has sunk.

There’s a 27-minute anti-Romney movie “When Mitt Romney came to town” that was available to the highest bidder.

The pro-Newt Gingrich Super PAC “Winning Our Future” bought the rights to it and will use in its ads.

There’s already a backlash against Gingrich.

AP reports at a health care event in New Hampshire, a person in the audience lectured Gingrich for “conducting politics as if you were a suicide bomber engaged in hostage negotiation.”

His response, “I think that’s a mythology.”

Here’s the trailer for the movie.
It may be slow loading due to the number of people trying to see it.

Meanwhile, Gingrich’s campaign is running an ad celebrating his memorable line from Sunday’s GOP presidential debate which hardly anyone watched.

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