Obama and the 1 percent

11 Jan

Good grief.

President Obama, who recently auctioned off lunch with him and the misses for $3, set the bar considerably higher Monday night.

How about this?

$45,000 per head at a Washington fundraiser to benefit his campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

The $3 is for the 99% and the 45-large apparently is for the 1%’ers.

The media was not allowed.

This was followed by a “regular” fundraiser later in the evening at $100 a ticket.

The White House has put on a big show of its small donation collections.

Just last week it made a big thing of Obama having lunch with winners of a raffle in which participants needed to pony up only $3 contribution to

So, who went to the big, expensive one?

Don’t know.

The White House isn’t releasing any names.

We can certainly tell you it wasn’t us.

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