Musical political chairs

13 Jan

Former acting Mayor Kirk Caldwell is jumping into the race for Honolulu Mayor.

He’s the one on the right.

Shot #1 – he says he would be a hands-on executive who would be more than a single-issue candidate.

That’s aimed at former Governor Ben Cayetano who “may” run to fight the rail system.

Shot #2 – “I believe you deserve better than what you’re getting right now. And I can do the job.”

That’s aimed at current Mayor Peter Carlisle, who has been a bit of a disappointment.

Caldwell was Managing Director for the City when Mufi Hannemann was Mayor and was acting Mayor for a couple of months after Mufi quit to run for Governor.

Then a special election was held to finish up the last two years of Hannemann’s term.

Carlisle won that and Hannemann was beat in a landslide by Neil Abercrombie, who was also is a disappointment.

Oh yeah, Hannemann is running for the US Senate.

You need a damn program to follow all these musical chairs.

So – who do you think Hannemann will endorse?

We suspect it’ll be whomever endorses him for his run for the Senate…or maybe no one so he doesn’t pick sides.

All of this sounds very much like the same old thing by the same old people, doesn’t it?

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