Political extra: yes, another GOP debate

17 Jan

“Governor Romney, do you want your 30 seconds, or are you just enjoying this back-and-forth?”

That, from a Fox News moderator near the end of last night’s debate, neatly wrapped up the entire GOP presidential debate experience which seems to go on and on to the end of the universe.

Romney, as ever, emerged relatively un-bruised.

Rick Santorum ensnared him over the arcane issue of voting rights for felons, and Romney stumbled—uncharacteristically—over releasing his tax returns.

Discussing his hunting experience also led to some self-inflicted wounds.

Yet overall, there was little harm to a candidate leading in South Carolina and dominating national polls.

Newt Gingrich scored applause from a friendly audience by hitting Ron Paul’s strident isolationist foreign policy and squarely answered a question challenging his comments on race.

He also pushed his kids-as-janitors program, thundering, “They would be getting money, which is a good thing if you’re poor. Only the elites despise earning money.”

And only the elites—or perhaps the insane—would have watched the seemingly endless parade of GOP debates.

But those who did, have seen a Romney whose front-runner status remains stable.

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