The Democrats need your help

17 Jan

Well, this is a let down.

The 2012 Democratic National Convention will be in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Cities actually bid to get something like that.

The DNC, not wanting to be left out of everyone’s mind during the disaster that is the GOP presidential race, has been looking for a hook to generate some interest.

This wasn’t it.

They ran a contest for people to submit their ideas for an official poster for the event.

And we quote from Executive Director Dan Murrey, MD, “First, let me say how excited we were to receive over 300 creative submissions to our
poster contest!”

Three hundred?
In a nationwide contest?

Holy cow, we can’t stick that response in the home run category, can we?

The doctor wants everyone to know they’ve picked the top 12 finalists.

“Our team spent hours going over the submissions and with considerable difficulty, we whittled it down to just 12 for you to vote on. Now it’s up
to you to vote for your favorites.”

The poster with the most votes will be one of the official posters of the 2012 Democratic National convention.

The DNC needs some help.
Go here and vote for your favorites.

We tried but we couldn’t find one we liked, much less three.

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