Gingrich: unshackle my people

24 Jan

Did you know there was yet another GOP presidential debate last night?

We ignored it because there’s been too damn many.

But we can’t ignore this –
Newt Gingrich is unhappy and may not do any more of them.

We should be so lucky.

The audience was the was asked to hold its applause until commercial breaks in last night’s debate.

They did.
It was stone silent.

Gingrich is now saying he won’t participate in any future debates with audiences that have been instructed to be silent.

He’s went on “Fox and Friends” this morning and complained NBC’s rules amounted to stifling free speech.

Once again Gingrich blamed the media for trying to silence a dissenting point of view.

One thing Newt is missing is he didn’t say anything worth clapping about anyway.

Critics say he seemed to be off his game.

The National Journal, which co-hosted the NBC debate, compared Gingrich to “a stand-up comedian whose routine suffers without echoes of laughter egging him on.”

Cry baby.

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