Romney’s chances against Obama

25 Jan

We’ve always not been very passionate about the GOP presidential hopefuls.

Sure, we’ve taken Newt Gingrich to task – a lot.

That’s because he’s a loose cannon and would make a poor president.

The fact he’s doing so well in the polls says more about the Republican desire for change than it does anything else.

We’ve always thought Romney would be the best candidate to beat Obama, but just barely.

Actually, he’d probably lose.

He has this Al Gore like inability to break through his boring shell.

Yes, it’s unfair.
Romney is an honest, smart and decent man who would probably make a fine president.


He has an authentic inauthenticity problem.

In other words, he seems like he’s faking things even when he’s not.

He may take positions he doesn’t hold in his heart, but all politicians do that.

The problem is that the vast majority of the time he’s not passionate or convincing about the positions he almost surely does hold in his heart.

He doesn’t stir the passions of the electorate.

A major politician must lead.

He or she must convince people his path is the righteous and good one and get them to be willing spend their sweat and treasure to follow.

Politics is about persuasion and he’s simply not persuasive.

Looking at him – we don’t see he would be able to win over the crucial voters he would need to seal the deal.

If he’s the nominee, maybe we’ll be wrong.
But we doubt it.

It now is the time – the moment – for Romney to either rise to the occasion and prove he has what it takes to win in the fall or he doesn’t.

He’s got the will.
The question is whether he’s got the skill.

We all cheer at when he underdog finally triumphs.

But there’s a reason why that person never led in the first place.

He had the heart, he just didn’t have the natural talent.

All the talk of Romney not being a “real conservative” would fall away if he were a better politician.

That he’s not a better politician probably speaks well of him as a human being, but what the hell does that have to do with winning an election in this country?

Gingrich is a vastly riskier proposition.

No one is sure whether he’d be a better nominee or president.

But he’s certainly proved he’s a better politician.

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