Politics 101 – Stacking the room

30 Jan

Newt Gingrich is complaining about something every politician does, including him.
It’s called stacking the audience.

Welcome class as Politics 101 is back in session.

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich rode a strong performance and crowd enthusiasm at a debate in South Carolina to victory in that state’s primary.

But the crowds at two debates in Florida last week haven’t been as wild for Gingrich.

Now his campaign is claiming that rival Mitt Romney’s campaign stacked the audience at last Thursday’s debate with its supporters to shift the energy toward Romney.

Of course they did.

Any politician will try to be the first to stuff a room with a friendly crowd.

Just like the call goes out to the faithful to head over to the local newspaper or TV station and take their on-line poll and make sure “your man looks good”.

A friend of ours wrote a computer program years ago that kept logging into some Advertiser poll and checking off Jeremy Harris’ name.
Over three-thousand “votes” for Harris in 90 minutes.
Yeah, he won the poll, big time.

That’s cooking the books, political style.

Letters to the editor supporting some candidate during political season are almost always written by the politician’s PR flack after drumming up a fake name or giving the draft to a supporter to submit.

Since when does anybody think politicians play by some set of let’s-be-fair rules?

The reason Gingrich is moaning is he didn’t get to pack the room with his supporters before Romney’s folks got to it.

Remember this the next time there some debate on local TV between politicians.

The boos and applause have no relation to what the person is saying.

The loudest noise will come from the supporters of the politician that managed to get the most people there, and the race goes to the swift.

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