Slip sliding away

6 Feb

We’re watching the beginning of the end of Newt Gingrich’s fantasy campaign.

After badly losing the Nevada caucuses, a small dose of reality seems to be creeping into his thinking, suggesting that even he knows his quest has become largely theoretical.

During a rambling late-night press conference over the weekend, Gingrich chose less-than-certain words to describe his strategy going forward.

He says his goal is “to seek to find a series of victories which by the end of the Texas primary will leave us about at parity with Governor Romney, and from that point forward to see if we can’t actually win the nomination.”

Hardly confident words.

More like the description of a weak lab experiment aimed at disproving the laws of physics.

Gingrich seems to think an army of grass-roots Republicans are waiting for him in primaries to come: “The vast majority of Republicans across
the country are going to want an alternative to a Massachusetts moderate.”

That might be true, but there’s no proof those voters are waiting to vote for Gingrich – except in his fantasy world.

He’ll ride it all the way to the Republican convention because Gingrich can’t truly understand his time has come and gone and Americans see a person so stooped with personal baggage he could not lead the free world, much less a local school board.

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