Why run for President?

6 Feb

Have you ever wondered why anyone would want to run for President of the United States?

Not BE the President, but RUN for it.

Politicians are “different people” from the average.

They get up in the morning and see in the mirror the one person who can fix the problems facing us.

They so much want the job they will spend several years of their life going around the country drumming up support and media coverage.

They will live with reporters and opposition candidates poking around in their life to find any small thing they can that might make a story or swing a vote.

Why would anyone willingly walk into something like that?

We tapped a friend of ours who is a well-known and highly respected psychiatrist in town.

The question to him was simple: what motivates someone to run for a job like that.

His response:

“Given the scrutiny and even the possibility of assassination or maiming [think George Wallace], why would anyone want to run for President of
the United States?

As one wag put it: ‘Our problem is that we give the Presidency to someone who wants it!’

We may all long for a leader like Cincinnatus, the ancient Roman farmer who was pressed into serving as dictator during an invasion, but then gave up his power and returned to his plow.

Those simpler times are long gone.

Now we get the likes of Richard Nixon and George W. Bush.

So why would anyone pursue this course?

I can think of several motives, some conscious and some probably subconscious :

First, let’s be fair.
Most candidates want to do their country well and believe that they are the ones to do it.

Some became great because they had the right stuff and were at the right time.

Abraham Lincoln was tested like no President and came through with flying colors.

Although in his declining years, Roosevelt gave the store away to Stalin, he was the right man for WWII.

Second, of course is narcissism.
Probably no greater example is Newt Gingrich, a bright man, but not as bright as he thinks he is or he wouldn’t keep telling us.

The reverse of this is the need to fulfill a great feeling of personality deficit.

Richard Nixon, as revealed by his tapes, was a very insecure man.

Recall after losing a gubernatorial race: ‘You won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore’ or ‘I am not a crook.’

The last two I think are mostly subconscious.

While many candidates who run are wealthy e.g. Romney, Perot, none since Kennedy are not wealthy after they leave office.

The President’s salary was $200K up to Clinton but is now $400K.

That is not the source of the wealth of course; it’s the books, lectures, etc. that they can command afterwards.

Finally, I think there is a drive for immortality.
For the average man, he can only use his children.

It’s doubtful that any reading this will be remembered in fifty years, but the Presidents will never be forgotten….even Millard Fillmore who
apparently did little or nothing.

And they get libraries named after them.

Supposedly George W’s is filled with comic and coloring books.”


That’s the mental professional’s point of view.
Our’s remains the same:

They’re nuts.

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