The new politics of destruction

7 Feb

In 2010, the Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizens United case opened the door to a new wave of so-called Super PACs.

These non-candidate political committees can receive and spend unlimited money from special interests.

For the first time, these committees could accept money from corporations, not just wealthy individuals.

We’re seeing a dangerous trend in politics because of this decision.

Our political system is becoming increasingly dominated by big-money people who can now spend freely to influence an election.

Over the last few months, Super PACs affiliated with Republican presidential candidates have spent more than $40 million on television and radio, almost all of it for negative ads.

Last week, filings showed that the Super PAC affiliated with Mitt Romney’s campaign raised $30 million in 2011 from fewer than 200 contributors, most of them from the financial sector.

This Super PAC is run by some of Romney’s former aides and closest allies.

Meanwhile, other Super PACs established for the sole purpose of defeating the Barack Obama – along with “nonprofits” that also aren’t required to disclose the sources of their funding — have raised more than $50 million.

In total, these groups are expected to spend half a billion dollars, above and beyond what the final Republican nominee and party are expected to commit to try to defeat the President.

Note what we said: Not win the election but defeat Obama.

A difference that speaks volumes about politics today.

It is going to be a bitter, nasty presidential election.

This past weekend a secretive 3-day long fundraising conference hosted by the Koch brothers netted $100 million in pledges to fund efforts to defeat Obama in the 2012 election.

Most of this money will be funneled through super PACs to get around campaign financing restrictions, something that wasn’t possible in 2008.

The GOP primary is just a preview of how this money will be used, with record amounts of money being spent on unprecedented numbers of negative personal attack ads.

During the South Carolina primary, some television stations even ran out of air time in which to run these ads.

Unfortunately, negative ads are very effective, and it doesn’t even matter if their accusations are even remotely true.

Hardly anyone campaigns to win an election anymore.
They campaign to discredit and destroy the other person’s chances of winning.

It is no secret that the oil billionaire Koch brothers are driving an anti-Obama hate machine.

Charles Koch has said it is imperative that conservative CEOs join together “to combat what is now the greatest threat to American freedom and prosperity in our lifetimes” — the administration of Barack Obama.

The Koch brothers were also major sources of funding for the Tea Party, and efforts to discredit man-made climate change.

They have been holding these fundraising events for nine years.

According to one person who attended last weekend’s conference, these events used to be about formulating strategy and building a conservative movement, but now they are primarily a spectacle centered on just raising lots and lots of money.

That’s what our political system has turned into.

One Response to “The new politics of destruction”

  1. Anonymous February 7, 2012 at 10:07 am #

    The Super PACs will undo this country. Shameful

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