Wisconsin GOP caught cooking the maps

8 Feb


As well as cheese, it’s known for a tattered political system.

Look what they’re doing now.

As legislative leaders secretly developed new election maps last year to strengthen their majority, Republican lawmakers were told to ignore public comments and instead focus on what was said in private strategy sessions.

In other words – ignore the public and stick with the plan.

We’re not making this up.
It comes from a GOP memo that was released under court order.

Other newly released documents also show almost all Republican lawmakers signed legal agreements promising not to discuss the new maps while they were being developed.

Redistricting has always been a lousy method of balancing political subdivisions, and this is one reason why.

The GOP fought to keep the documents secret but gave in after three federal judges ordered them released.

Included in the documents released Monday was a set of talking points that stressed that those who discussed the maps could eventually be called as a witness in a court case.

“Public comments on this map may be different than what you hear in this room. Ignore the public comments,” the talking points also say.

Every 10 years, states must draw new legislative and congressional maps to account for population changes recorded by the Census Bureau.

In Wisconsin, courts have largely drawn the maps in past decades because of political gridlock, but Republicans were able to approve maps that benefited them last year because they controlled state government.

Even before the maps were unveiled, a group of Democratic residents sued over the issue in federal court in Milwaukee.

The case goes before the court in a couple of weeks to hear the group’s arguments that the maps violate the U.S. Constitution and federal Voting Rights Act because of the way they treat minority communities and move voters from one district to another.

As you can imagine, no comment from the Wisconsin Republican Party.

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