You’re getting played

8 Feb

It’s right up there with “The check’s in the mail” and “Just say stop if you want to”.

Every election season you get played by your favorite politician.

You give him or her money and your vote and then rarely hear from them again.

It’s election (or re-election) time and your email and mail box is full of crap telling you all the wonderful things they did the past of couple of years while you were out of touch.

Please send more money and your vote so they can do more – just for you and the nation.

And you buy it.

If you kept sending your kid money but they only dropped you a line every couple of years saying life’s good, send more – you’d be upset.

That’s exactly what Mazie and Colleen and the rest of them do.

And you eat it up.

There’s no acceptable reason for this.

Congress gets free “franking”.
That means they can mail stuff for free, so they can keep in touch with their constituents.

The only cost is the time and materials to put together that occasional newsletter or flyer updating you on what’s happening in Washington.

Except they don’t do that.

Either it’s too much effort or they don’t care.

There’s no good excuse for how you are treated by the politician you gave your time and money to.

The least you should get is a semi-regular report on what they are doing to represent you in Congress.

They are the ill-mannered relative that shows up once a year expecting to spend their vacation at your house, and then disappear until they need a room again.

And you accept that.

You’re being played.

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