Congress takes another hit

9 Feb

We don’t pass on many poll results.

They’re usually meaningless as they are only a snapshot of opinion at the time they were taken – and things change.

But this one is too good to ignore.

Just when you didn’t think Congress could get any worse in the eyes of the public, it has.

Gallup says its new poll shows only ten percent of Americans approve of Congress’s job performance.

That’s a record low.
Congress’s job approval rating was 13 percent in January and 11 percent in December.

Breaking down the numbers:

Independents, at 8 percent approval, are showing the least love.

Democrats and Republicans are about equally disgusted at lawmakers, giving them a respective 11 percent and 12 percent approval ratings.

This compares with an average job approval rating for all of 2011 at 17 percent.

All of this comes as Congress is again bickering over how to extend a temporary payroll tax cut that affects 160 million Americans, as well as jobless benefits and a delay of steep payment cuts for doctors who provide Medicare.

The tax cut and other provisions run out at the end of the month.

No one on Capitol Hill can agree on how to pay for an extension, as well as some policy changes affecting unemployment insurance.

Yet, we suspect the American voter will keep putting the same people back in office.
After all, it’s the other guy’s politician who’s messing things up.


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