Rockin’ Rick – for now

9 Feb

It took one night for Rick Santorum to become a player again in the Republican presidential race.

The former Pennsylvania senator came out on top in the voting in all three contests, including an unexpected five-point victory in Colorado’s

Santorum also won the Minnesota caucuses, by an 18-point margin, and he won by 30 points in the Missouri primary.

He doesn’t move on with any new delegates, but with plenty of momentum and a lot more media attention.

So much for the so-called experts calling it a two-man race between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.

It was just a week ago people were speculating he’d drop out.

He and Romney now have won four states each, to Gingrich’s one.

And it’s a lot harder to see how a Gingrich comeback would work.

Not to rain on Santorum’s parade, but he needs help from Wall Street or Big Gambling and he needs it quick.

Clear away the confetti and it’s a fact that he is just about broke.

Santorum’s campaign had just $279,000 left in the bank at the beginning of the year, a tiny amount by presidential campaign standards.

He’s light years away from Newt Gingrich ($2.1 million) or Ron Paul ($1.9 million).

And multiple light years from than Mitt Romney’s $20 million.

It’ll take a massive change in Santorum’s operation to turn things around.

It’s going to take more than a few thousand Web donors to keep Santorum in the race.

He’s probably going to need a sugar daddy – and it won’t be Donald Trump, who summed it up like this: “I don’t get Rick Santorum. I don’t get
that whole thing.”

He’ll have to look elsewhere.

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