Vote for me and send money

10 Feb

So, here it is.
Not very exciting.

Same type of spot she runs every time she runs for one office or another.
See, I’m talking to people.

Then there’s this from her campaign’s latest email:

“Make a $5 contribution to our campaign’s Media Fund.”
She has emailed more times asking for money in the last several months then she has communicated about anything in all her years in office.

And this:

“She’s the only candidate in this race — from either party — who fought against George W. Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy and opposed his misguided war in Iraq from the beginning.”

George Bush?
He’s out of office.
What’s that have to do with now?

Finally, this:

“Mazie is working to fix the mess in Washington caused by the Iraq War and these irresponsible tax cuts, as well as create jobs, strengthen our schools, and help us create a more sustainable Hawaii.”

What about all the other years she was in Washington?

Geesh, are we cranky this morning.

Yeah, we got up on the wrong side of the bed.

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