24 Feb

It’s what they said.

“You know but other than me going over there with a gun and holding it to their head and maybe killing a couple of them, I don’t think they’re going to listen unless they get beat.”
– Republican Representative John Sullivan of Oklahoma, quoted by TPM, telling constituents that he’d have to personally shoot members of the U.S. Senate to get a budget passed through the chamber.

“The odds are greater that there’s life on Pluto than that the GOP has a brokered convention.”
– Karl Rove, writing in the Wall Street Journal.

“It depends on how you interpret the rule. The rule says you have to be present in the chamber. The bathroom counts as the chamber. And the parlor counts as a chamber if you are going to eat.”
– Wisconsin Republican state Representative Joel Kleefisch after being caught voting on behalf of an absent lawmaker despite a rule that only the members present in the Assembly Chamber may vote.

“My greatest fear is it seems that Mr. Romney has set his path to the nomination based on carpet-bombing his opponents to oblivion with false negative advertising… that’s the kind of thing that engenders a third-party candidacy, which would be a disaster for us.”
– Republican Representative Trent Franks or Arizona, quoted by Politico.

“It is not accurate to say that a hotly contested convention is necessarily bad. I am not saying it is necessarily good, but I don’t think it is accurate to say it is necessarily bad. Let’s just see.”
– Haley Barbour, in an interview with ABC News.

“All along I have felt that Mitt Romney would probably be the strongest general election challenger to the president. I’m not sure that’s true any longer. I think Rick Santorum may emerge as the stronger general election candidate.”
– Former Ohio Governor Democrat Ted Strickland, quoted by the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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