The begging goes on

28 Jun

One of the toughest things for a politician to do is raise money.

Once you get through the true-blue supporters, you basically have to badger and beg for a few bucks.

Barack Obama does it by flooding email boxes with $3 chances to have dinner with the President.

As we have said before, it really just a way to get your information into a donation database so they can keep those pitches and phone calls coming.

When it’s all added up, the presidential race could cost each side almost a billion dollars.

Scary, isn’t it?

Politicians at the local level have the same problem.

Maybe it’ll top out at $10-million for the US Senate race, but that’s still a lot of money in a state with just over a million people.

So, how do you keep those pitches coming and sound different each time?

Find something to rally the troops with a call to action.

To wit:
Our favorite dart board – Mazie Hirono.

Linda Lingle, who will meet the winner of the Hirono – Ed Case primary has bought a channel on cable TV where you can watch all-Lingle-all-the-time.

Interesting idea although she’s basically speaking to the faithful.

We can’t see someone dialing up a couple of hours Linda Lingle speeches out of boredom.

Anyway, Mazie finds a hook for her latest round of begging.

“We can’t let Lingle’s new vanity TV initiative go unanswered. So we set a goal to raise $30,000 and match the next six weeks of the Lingle TV budget — before the crucial end-of-quarter fundraising deadline this Saturday.
“But I need your financial support to get our message out, in the face of Lingle TV and the millions of right-wing dollars being spent to try to buy this Senate seat.
“That’s why we must hit our $30,000 goal by the crucial filing deadline of June 30! Please contribute $5 today and help me defeat Republican Linda Lingle and her right-wing allies.”

A gallon and a bit of gasoline.

We wouldn’t be bothered by this if Hirono actually communicated during her times in office.

She’s one of those you only hear from when she’s running, otherwise the silence from her is telling.

A suggestion: Take your $5 and give it to the Red Cross where it will actually do some good.

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