Charles Djou is a Nazi

9 Jul

…so Colleen Hanabusa wants you to think.

The lady appears to be in a race with Mazie Hirono to see who can sink the lowest.

We share Hanabusa’s latest campaign email, written to make Charles Djou look as bad as possible.

Remember, when you can’t find anything bad about someone, twist something around.
It doesn’t have to be true to just plant the thought in someone’s mind.

Charles Djou recently held a campaign event and invited Congressman Steve Scalise, the Republican Representative from Louisiana.

Why is beyond us since he is an unknown to most Hawaii people.

Scalise is a diehard conservative and a member of the Tea Party and is not below stooping to low politics himself.

In his 2008 race, his primary opponent accused him of push polling.

That’s where a campaign contacts voters by telephone and asks questions which leave a negative impression of the opponent.

The biggest contributors to him are Koch Industries and oil and gas industry, and he has that wild-eye Michele Bachmann look.

That’s enough background. Here’s what Hanabusa’s email says about him:

“Scalise vocally opposes healthcare reform and has tried to repeal “Obamacare;” Djou said he’d repeal it, too. Scalise voted to end Medicare as we know it and turn it into a voucher system; Djou said he’d support the Paul Ryan budget that would do just that. Scalise even compared our government to the Nazis, calling the Obama administration’s attempts to address climate change as ‘setting up a global warming Gestapo;’ Charles Djou has refused to repudiate those comments. Hawaii deserves to know whether Charles Djou agrees with Steve Scalise or not.”

First, Scalise stupidly shot off his mouth about a bill to create a federal building efficiency code – which would save millions in heating bills, create green jobs and reduce pollution.

Second, here’s what he actually said:

“Let’s go to the bill and look at the penalties. Because there are actually civil penalties in this bill. We’re actually creating a global warming police. . . And then further to page 236: “Each day of unlawful occupancy shall be considered a separate violation.” We’re setting up a global warming Gestapo that can literally come in and now this new term, “unlawful occupancy.” Now living in your home is considered unlawful under this bill.”

Yeah, the man’s not too smart.

He appears not to know the difference between energy efficiency building codes and safety codes.

The legislation explicitly preserves local building codes that meet or exceed the national standard, while providing federal support for states to implement new standards.

Federal enforcement would only take place if states failed to act.

Hardly the Third Reich.

Hanabusa again: “Do you really want a member of Congress who is okay with comparing fighting global warming to the Nazis’ secret police? Do you really want a member of Congress who will try to repeal affordable healthcare for all Americans, and will work to get rid of Medicare with a new voucher scheme?”

Hanabusa is too much a decent person to be rolling around in the mud with this crap.

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