A love story – gone bad

11 Jul

Some politicians do crazy things, and they tend to do them in a splashy way.

We start off last November at a meeting of the San Fernando City Council.

That’s over the hill from Los Angeles.

Then-Mayor Mario Hernandez stepped to the podium and abruptly announced he was filing for personal bankruptcy.

“And secondly, I’d like to put out there, to squash the rumors that, yes, I have been in a relationship with Councilwoman Maribel De La Torre.”

Gasps from the audience.
The lovely couple is above.

That’s when his wife, Anna, who was sitting in the front row, jumped up, “That’s why I’m here. We weren’t separated.”

Fast forward to last week where both council members filed competing restraining orders against each other.

The first was filed by Mayor Hernandez against De La Torre.

He alleged that she was very PO’d that he was planning on going on a spiritual retreat for the weekend, and pushed him against a wall, punched him in the face and tried to choke him.

He told police she screamed, “If I could kill you right now I would.”

Two days later De La Torre fired back with a restraining order of her own, claiming that she was the victim, both on the occasion covered by Hernandez’s order, and in December, when, she says, he shoved her into the wall, choked her and threatened to leave her and return to his wife.

Love gone sour.

Jump to yesterday, where Hernandez, just a couple of hours before last night’s council meeting, said he would resign from the council at the end of this month.

Five TV trucks showed up to cover the thrilling conclusion to this San Fernando soap opera.

This was a made-for-TV event: a Council meeting where two members would have to sit side-by-side and discuss city finances, despite court orders that they remain 100 yards apart.

Nowhere on the agenda was anything about mistress revelations and wife confrontations.

Speakers lined up to blast the Council, with several also demanding the resignation of current Mayor Brenda Esqueda, seen here.

She’s been accused of having an affair with a police officer while voting on police matters.

The meeting finally adjourned and De La Torre quickly donned a pair of dark sunglasses and pushed past a scrum of reporters to exit City Hall chambers.

The others snuck out the back door.

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