The sad mayoral debate

12 Jul

The key to success in anything, except maybe playing the slots, is preparation.

You don’t pass a test without studying, learn a new job without asking questions or always having a plan B.

People who wing it generally don’t do well.

Something just about everyone seemed to have forgotten in last night’s televised mayoral debate.

Hawaii News Now, sensing a great opportunity, carried the KITV debate because that station’s blacked out on cable.

That’s another story.

What a mess by the three candidates.

Every one: former Governor Ben Cayetano, former city Managing Director Kirk Caldwell and Mayor Peter Carlisle couldn’t open their mouths without stumbling.

None could ask a question without reading off their brief sheet.
Sometimes they needed them for the answers too.

And they all handled it like they were seeing it for the first time.

Each side will smugly claim victory, but there was no winner.

We’re not sure we’d vote for any of them.

It’s not nerves. These are polished politicians who are used to speaking in public and on TV.
They live and die by the soundbite.

The invitees showed up and left their charisma elsewhere.

If we were trying to count all the “um” and “uh”s we’d run out of fingers, toes and the calculator would be flashing “error”.

Carlisle looked like the lawyer he is, and that’s not a good thing in a mayor.

Caldwell didn’t forget to tell people he used to be the city’s Managing Director.
That was then – what will you do for us if elected?

Cayetano looked like he just dropped by for a quick visit.
Once the subject got off the rail system he tended to wander.

The fine art of preparation was nowhere in evidence.

We have to assume no one really wants the job.

We don’t blame them.

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