Why Romney’s stuck

17 Jul

There are lots of rules in political campaigns.

Here’s three important ones:

1) Define yourself before your opponent does.
2) If someone is complaining about negative TV ads, that usually means they’re working.
3) If you’re responding to the other side, you’re losing.

We mention these because Mitt Romney is finding himself in violation of all three.

The Obama campaign has already defined Romney in many people’s minds as someone who changes his mind constantly, will say anything to get votes and is hiding something, somewhere.

While we don’t like negative ads, Romney is complaining a lot about those aimed at him.

That means they’re working.

And because he’s spending so much time defending himself, the agenda is being set by Obama’s group.

Remember the old line: it’s hard to drain the swamp when you’re up to your butt in alligators.

There’s only so much media coverage available and when you use most of your “portion” defending yourself on one thing or another, you’re not telling the voters why they should be picking you.

Romney has circled the wagons and because of that he’s not moving forward.

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