Mitt’s wimp factor

18 Jul

It’s hard to stay away from Mitt Romney right now.

This presidential election is starting to confound us.

It’s obvious President Obama’s campaign seems consistently a half step, sometimes a full step or two, ahead of the Romney effort.

If this is going to be a close race, as the polls suggest it might be, campaigns matter.

The last two weeks have landed Mitt Romney in some real political trouble, and his responses have fallen flat in a way that threatens to damage him much more than the incidents, taken on their own, would suggest.

The decision by the Romney campaign not to define him personally – not to inoculate him from inevitable attacks – is a strange one.

Given his campaign’s deep pockets, the decision not to paint him as a three-dimensional person, has left him open to the inevitable attacks for his work at Bain Capital, on outsourcing, and on his investments.

It’s hard to understand.

Aside from one TV spot aired in the spring by a pro-Romney super PAC, not one personal positive ad has been aired on Romney’s behalf.

The decision that any day or dollar spent on talking about anything other than the economy is a waste has been taken to such an extreme that Romney has no positive definition other than that of being a rich, successful, and presumably smart businessman.

People see and feel the reasons for firing Obama every day in the economic statistics and the struggle that so many Americans face daily.

The Romney campaign seems focused on reinforcing a message that hardly needs reinforcing, while ignoring the clear and immediate danger to his own electability.

None of the measurements of the economy are where Obama needs them to be to get reelected.

Conventional wisdom says this should to be a difficult, uphill fight for Obama.

The polls indicate voters seem to be open to the idea of firing the president, but the Obama campaign has given voters a reason to hesitate about hiring Romney.

For some reason the Romney campaign has done very little to build him up as a real human being, someone of character who’s worthy of being entrusted with the Oval Office.

The attacks are sticking to him like glue.

Romney has lost control of the debate and the dialogue.

Instead of voters focusing on the economy, they are now hearing about investments and accounts outside the country, as well as about outsourcing, layoffs and tax returns.

With three months to the election it has a different feel than it did just a month ago.

In June Democrats were starting to sound as if they were giving Obama up for dead.

Now it’s the Republicans are wondering if their man has a chance.

They are openly concerned about the events of the past two weeks, questioning both strategy and tactics as well as the underlying assumptions that have led to the campaign decisions made so far.

Romney has been shut down.

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