Weiner rises again

18 Jul

You remember Anthony Weiner, don’t you?

If not, refresh your memory here, here and here.

Yes, he was a busy guy.

Weiner is one of many politicians who developed an oversized ego while in office, paired with a need to be the center of attention.

Far too often this only serves to get the person is deep trouble.

Some, with the above quirks, also have one more – a well-developed sense of denial.

Something Weiner appears to have in spades.

The story coming out of New York is he has looked at his ruined political career and is thinking of running for mayor of New York City.

It’s a bit sad, really.

Weiner has kept a low profile since resigning from Congress a year ago, after he tweeted a picture of his bulging crotch to a 21-year-old college student and then claimed his account had been hacked.

He is sitting on a $4.5 million dollar campaign war chest and he wants to run soon because the public match on his campaign funds are due to expire after the 2013 election.

Former staffers, who he has talked to about going back to work for him, say he is desperate to return to politics.

The office of NYC Mayor is probably a non-starter for him, but other positions might be within possibility.

An interesting thing about the American voter is we tend to be very forgiving after a period of time has gone by.

Still, one can only imagine the amount of ridicule he would receive if he ran for office.

Putting themselves or their family through that only points out how deep that denial is.

UPDATE: Weiner issued a statement this morning: “I can’t say absolutely that I will never run for public office again, but I’m very happy in my present life. I’m not doing anything to plan a campaign.”

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