The absurd (and smart) headline

20 Jul

When you are a politician you need media coverage, especially if you’re running for office.

Frank Fasi used to demand that he get into the newspaper every day and his spokesperson caught hell if it didn’t happen.

At the very least almost any elected official expects his or her staff to be pumping out the press releases on a regular basis.

Sometimes the press might bite, sometimes not.

It is what it is.

If you don’t have anything for a press release, then come up with something.

Like this from mayoral candidate Kirk Caldwell:

Kirk endorses Star Advertiser view on rail
It isn’t typical that a politician endorses a newspaper editorial–it’s usually the other way around.  But I have to say I couldn’t agree more with these comments in yesterday’s Star Advertiser.  Rail is absolutely necessary for Honolulu’s future.  We need to manage the process much, much better.”

It’s more than not typical.

We don’t ever remember any politician “endorsing an editorial” like that in 40 years of covering politics and news.

Maybe it happened once but it didn’t catch our attention.

Most politicians are upset about an editorial.

What’s smart about the release is most reporters will look at that headline, giggle a bit and probably use it.

Just because it’s so absurd.

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