Looking through the garbage

24 Jul

It was an interesting pile of stuff in our email box today and a couple of things caught our eye.

First, this is from the Pacific Resource Partnership and it is dishonest:

People talked about it quietly for years. It’s called “pay-to-play,” a corrupt system that encourages architects and engineers to give illegal campaign contributions in order to secure government contracts.

“Pay-to-play” thrived during Ben Cayetano’s time as Governor. Even Bob Watada, the former executive director of the Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission who came all the way back to Hawaii to defend Cayetano, said so.

And now, Ben Cayetano wants another chance to lead, this time as Honolulu’s next Mayor. Well, if we don’t want to turn back to the corrupt “pay-to-play” culture of yesterday, then we must speak up and demand our leaders work vigorously to stop it.

Some have asked why we have focused so intently on Ben Cayetano’s record of “pay-to-play.” The sad truth is, Cayetano has never accepted responsibility for permitting this corrupt system to thrive while serving as our Governor.

Note that nowhere does it accuse Cayetano of taking money.

It accuses Cayetano of being in office while this supposedly was going on.

It was also going on way before he came to office and long afterward.

It accuses Cayetano of “permitting” it to “thrive”.

And how was that?
They don’t say.

It accuses him of not stopping it.
And how as he supposed to do that?

The Pacific Resource Partnership is the PR arm of the unions and they are endorsing someone else in the mayoral race.

We aren’t plugging Cayetano but we are pointing fingers at the ethics of these people.

They should be embarrassed.
We hope your kids are proud of you.

Then we move on to this excitement from Mazie Hirono.

From her press release:

Something very unusual just happened in our race for the U.S. Senate.

Longtime Republican Congressman Don Young of Alaska just announced he’s endorsing Mazie in the Democratic primary — and even filmed a great ad explaining why he’s taking the rare step of supporting her.

Here, take a look.

Let’s put this in perspective.

One, Dan Inouye is supporting Mazie Hirono.

Two, Dan Inouye was very close friends with former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens.

Three, Inouye and the Alaska Congressional delegation have worked closely together on items of mutual interest for years.
They need each other.

Mazie needs a hand.

Inouye makes sure she gets it.

It really is not as earth-shaking as it would seem.

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