Terrible but effective

25 Jul

The presidential TV ads are all over the airways on the mainland, especially in the important swing states.

It’s so cluttered with ads for Romney and Obama that most people just tune them out.

Except for this one by Obama’s campaign.

It makes a lot of people cringe, a little.

Undoubtedly, some of President Barack Obama’s supporters are telling the campaign that enough is enough.

We suspect they’re tired and uncomfortable seeing and hearing it.

But it’s not going away because it’s the most effective political ad on the air right now.

Why so effective?

It’s different from anything else on TV.

It stands out in the middle of a steady diet of ads from both campaigns and the super PACs supporting them.

This one breaks through all the clutter.

It pokes fun at Romney in a good-natured way.

It’s not heavy-handed like most of the attack ads now running.

Once it grabs your attention, it effectively points out Romney’s long record of outsourcing jobs as well as his many foreign investments.

The message is simply stated — and impossible to misunderstand.

People can’t turn their eyes away from it.

Aren’t you glad it’s not running here?

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