Another yawner debate

26 Jul

Watching a debate can be a chore at times, especially when you have two wildly mismatched candidates.

Ed Case vs. Mazie Hirono for the seat being vacated by Senator Dan Akaka.

Here’s our take:

Case was well-practiced, at ease, much more concise and articulate.

Hirono started off a bit unsure and heavily depended on her notes and briefing book.

The biggest difference between the two?

Case gave details in his answers and Hirono didn’t.

Hirono ducked a lot of answers and the moderator once asked her pointblank to answer a question yes or no.

A small flash of anger crossed Hirono’s face.

That told us more than anything else through the entire debate.

We tried something for fun where we counted the times each candidate said the word “I”.

We gave up – just too many to count but when we stopped, Hirono was leading by a landslide.

In fact we bailed out early.
It wasn’t going anywhere and the first 30 minutes painted a picture that wasn’t going to change.

Our take is Ed Case was much more prepared, polished and engaging.

We doubt anyone changed their mind.

People’s minds are fairly made up this close to the election.

All and all – two candidates on their best behavior and trying to be careful not to say something that would come back to bite them.

Photo: HawaiiNewsNow

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