The wonderful world of tracking

4 Aug

Time to revisit an article from almost two years ago because the issue is raising its ugly head – again.

A story in the Indianapolis Star says a man named Kurt Holland was hired to follow Democratic Senate nominee Joe Donnelly.

The reason?

To try to catch him in an embarrassing and politically ending situation.

Its called “tracking” and you and your camera follow someone everywhere waiting for the one picture that could help destroy their political race.

In polite society we call this stalking.

The reason this guy is making the news is he was following the wrong person, either by mistake or he was stupid.

He was tailing a judge and the judge called the cops.

Holland told police he was supposed to take pictures of a candidate to “show how ‘the party of the poor’ is actually led by rich people, in nice cars, in rich neighborhoods. The photos were to be used for TV political campaign advertisements.”

If you want to know more about the wonderful world of tracking, jump over here.

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