Who ya gonna believe – part 2

9 Aug

Ian Lind posted an excellent article to his blog.

It has to do with the differences in the two major polls that were held recently.

Here’s the link – it’s a worthwhile read.

In a nutshell, Lind looks at the automated robo polling done by Civil Beat, and the talk-to-em-on-the-phone polling used by Hawaii News Now and the Star-Advertiser.

Two very different methods – two very different results.

Civil Beat’s poll shows Ed Case in a statistical dead heat with Mazie Hirono in the Democratic Primary for the US Senate primary.

The winner moves on to go against former Governor Linda Lingle.

Civil Beat also says its poll for the 2nd Congressional District has Tulsi Gabbard ahead of Mufi Hannemann by 20 percentage points.

As for Hawaii News Now/Star Advertiser, their traditional polls puts Hirono way ahead of Case and Hannemann strongly leading Garrard.

Here’s one of the problems with those traditional polls: the phone rings and nobody is there.
So, you can either wait for the poll taker to get to the line the computer dialed, or hang up.

We suspect most hang up.

That ought to slew the results a bit.

We’ll see who wins when the results come out Saturday night.

We’re rooting for Civil Beat.

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