First and second print outs

11 Aug

UPDATE (9:45PM) Hannemann concedes.

UPDATE (9:13 PM): Peter Carlisle concedes and says he will go over to Ben Cayetano and Kirk Caldwell’s headquarters and congratulate them. For now, he will look at retiring and decide later whether to challenge the eventual winner in 4 years.

UPDATE (9;00PM): The second printout has been released.
Those who were leading in the 1st printout have extended their leads.
We’ll call the races below for those shown in the lead.

With the exception of the Big Island, which has been delayed, most of the votes (Kauai/Maui 100%, Oahu 75%) are now in.

Some people messed up on the Big Island and the Governor ordered the polls in that county to stay open until 7:30 pm and that delayed the results.

What we have here is the first print out, which is absentee and walk-in votes only.
Nothing from the polls.

With almost 100,000 votes cast between absentee and walk-in, we can draw some conclusions.
One, they are generally a bit older, and second, they are people who have made up their mind and are supporters of the person whose name they checked off.

First, let’s explain a few things you’ll see in the print outs.

1) At the top of the box for each race are two numbers: “Xxx of xxx”.
That second number is the total precincts that will report and the first number is how many are presented in this print out. 73 of 125 means the print out is the result of 73 precincts reporting (and counted) out of the total 125.

2) Blank votes.
A race where no name was checked off. This is usually considered similar to “None of the above”. They don’t count for or against anything, but they’re a good indicator of how people feel about the candidates running in that particular race. They also can indicate how poorly the candidates have done in getting their message out. Anything over 10 percent is not a good number and tells the eventual winner he or she has some work to do if a re-election is in the future.

3) Over votes.
That’s where some dummy checked off more than one name, so that particular race gets voided on that ballot.

Honolulu Mayor’s Race

Not a real surprise.

There probably won’t be a big change in the following print outs, so we expect to see Ben Cayetano and Kirk Caldwell moving on to a runoff in the general election in November.
This is the first time an incumbant mayor has lost his seat in many years.

Carlisle says this “wasn’t unexpected” and came very close to conceding the race.

As we thought, it’s come down to rail vs. no rail.

Congress – Representative

Mufi is headed down the road to getting trounced in his second major race. First, Neil Abercrombie clobbered him in the gubernatorial election two years ago, and now City Councilmember Tusli Gabbard may close the book on his political career.
In his speech to his supporters he said, “We’ll live to fight another day”. Hannemann says he’ll figure out what “his mission” is starting tomorrow.

Congress – Senate

Somewhat of a surprise given the poll results the past few days.

She moves on to the general election where she’ll go head-to-head with former governor Republican Linda Lingle.

State Senate

Battle of two heavyweight politicians whose districts got combined in reapportionment.
Either will do a good job but we admit we know Brian Taniguchi better than Carol Fukunaga so – this is nice.

The next print out is due at 9:00 PM.

That means it’ll be later.

Click here to grab the next one yourself.

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