Gettin’ the print outs

11 Aug

Updated at 5:05 pm.

Tonight we’ll post a few of the print outs, and some analysis, from a couple of major races as soon as they are released.

Don’t get excited – the printout on the right is from 2010.

The Office of Elections always says the first print out will come about 6:30 PM after the polls close.

That would be rare if it actually happened.

The polls never close at 6:00 pm because of people waiting in line.
It only takes one to hold everything up.

Expect it about 7:00 – 7:30 pm.
And, it may be later since some polling problems on the Big Island will cause them to stay open until 7:30 pm.

Will that delay reporting the Oahu returns?

Guess what – nobody can say and the reporters covering this angle are as vague as possible.
We say it will.

This first print out – when it comes – will be the absentee and walk-in votes, but none from the polling places.

Still, we’ll get a good idea of where everything is headed from it.

One thing is these votes are from people who had already made up their minds, so you can consider them a candidate’s base.

Depending how large that base is will determine if one can call a particular race from the first print out.

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