Primary election day

11 Aug

Time to vote.

By tonight, some of it might be over.

Looking at the big races – If either incumbant Mayor Peter Carlisle, former acting Mayor Kirk Caldwell or former Governor Ben Cayetano get 50 percent (plus one) of the votes, he wins outright.

No moving on to the general election.

If not, the top two keep bothering you with robo-calls until the November 6th general election.

Former Mayor Mufi Hannemann is running against City Councilwoman Tulsi Gabbard for the Democratic nominee for the 2nd Congressional District.

Depending on which poll you believe, your favorite is leading.

This will probably be the nail-biter of the evening and could go to the third printout.

Mazie Hirono is up against former Representative Ed Case in the Democratic primary for the seat of retiring Senator Daniel Akaka.

The winner will probably face former Governor Linda Lingle in the five-person Republican primary.

It’s a toss-up in all three races.

The winner will be the one who gets most of their supporters to actually get off the couch and cast a ballot.

The bright side of all this is we can still expect the negative ads and pleas for money for another almost 3 months.

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