This didn’t take long

12 Aug

It was minutes after the third printout.

A big thunk in our email box:

The results are in: we won the primary – which means the general election campaign starts now.

The biggest story today, though, is that Mitt Romney chose his running mate: Paul Ryan — the Congressman whose budget proposal would end Medicare as we know it, slash Medicaid, and cut services for working families while giving huge tax breaks to millionaires.

If there was any doubt that national Republicans want to radically change the America we know and love, today was your answer.

There are 86 days left until Election Day. Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid — it is all at stake.

We have to win. As I said in my speech to the Hilo Grand Rally Friday night, when others try to take our nation backwards, we will all say no. Let’s build on our victory, stand together, and continue to fight for seniors, students, and families. 

Thank you for all you have done to help us reach this point, and I look toward to working with you as we build toward November. 

Mahalo for standing with me,

Colleen (Hanabusa)

Thought you’d get a chance to catch your breath, huh?

And right behind it another thunk:

Tonight, Governor Lingle overwhelmingly won the Republican Primary Election, because of your dedication and support!  

I’m forwarding you the news release we sent to media in Hawaii and across the nation after she addressed supporters at our Oahu headquarters tonight. 

The people of Hawaii now have a clear choice for November 6th.
With your help, it will be a victory for our team!

Bob Lee
Campaign Manager

PS. Just remember, this is only the beginning. Tonight, the real election begins!

We’re sure more will come in today.
We’re more curious how many will be just be a thank you note.

I’m sure they can spare a day.

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