Who should we believe?

14 Aug

Mitt Romney is running a TV ad in Florida.

It blames Florida’s dismal 8.6% unemployment levels on President Obama and complains about “105,000 Florida jobs lost”.

But if you go to Republican governor Rick Scott’s website, there’s a different message.

The governor is taking credit for the same 8.6% unemployment level, saying that it is a sign of rapid improvement.

The governor brags the job growth rate “has been positive for 23 consecutive months” and the unemployment rate is “the lowest it’s been since December 2008!”

In a classic shuck and jive, a senior Romney campaign advisor in Florida acknowledges the problem, but explains it this way:
“The economy is doing better because of Governor Scott, but it’s not where it should be because of President Obama”.

There you go.
Doesn’t make much sense to us either.

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