Something just went thud

15 Aug

The sound of Congress hitting the bottom.

Just when you thought Capital Hill couldn’t sink lower in people’s minds, it dropped some more.

Gallup says now only 10 percent of Americans think members of Congress are doing a good job.

That matches the approval rating from last February, and that was the lowest in Gallup’s history.

And it doesn’t make any difference what political group was asked.

The approval rating from Democrats is 9%, independents 11%, and Republicans at 10%.

Everybody thinks they stink.

Gallup says it’s difficult to point to specific reasons although the continuing poor economy is certainly a major factor.

The fact that control of Congress is now divided, with a Republican majority in the House and a Democratic majority in the Senate, probably is part of it too.

What impact the low ratings will have on the November elections, no one wants to guess.

Makes no difference – we keep voting them back into office.

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