From the In-Box

28 Aug

We can’t keep a secret…


Aloha, As a key supporter, Governor Linda Lingle asked me to let you be the first to know that the bottom line to new internal poll results we received today shows Governor Lingle is ahead of Mazie Hirono by 6 percentage points!

This news reflects the immense support Governor Lingle continues to gain around the state, creating incredible momentum as we approach Election Day.

Our team is not taking these new polling results for granted. We need your help today to keep this positive momentum as we move closer to Election Day in 76 days.

They then ask for money.

And there’s this one from Mazie Hirono…


Trailing in the polls and struggling to distance herself from the national Republican Party’s narrow agenda, Linda Lingle launched her first negative ad against Mazie less than 72 hours after Hawaii’s primary election for U.S. Senate ended.

We told you that with your help, we would fight back against Linda Lingle’s relentless attacks, funded by her deep-pocketed right-wing allies — and we meant it.

Then they ask for money.

One of them is wrong.

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