Christie’s bomb

30 Aug

One has to wonder why New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was slotted into the Republican Convention as a keynote speaker.

By most accounts his speech was a disaster.

The reaction in the audience was only mildly enthusiastic, and much quieter compared to the reception given to Ann Romney just minutes earlier.

She talked about how important love is.

He talked about how unimportant love is.

In his 24-minute speech he talked mostly about himself and not Mitt Romney, the nominee.

It was 16-minutes before Romney’s name was mentioned.

The fallout has underlined the problems between him and the Romney campaign.

People close to Romney are saying Christie was trying to promote his political future rather than help Republicans in 2012.

Well, there’s this:
Last Monday in a New York Post story, it was reported Christie turned down consideration as Romney’s vice presidential nominee because he would have had to resign as governor and he thinks it is a long shot that the Republican ticket will win this time.

Not something the Republican Party wants to hear from a major party figure.

By itself, Christie’s speech was not bad.

It highlighted his style and no-nonsense way of governing – things that have made him a raising star.

The problem is it was the wrong speech at the time.

Speakers at a political convention are supposed to either attack the other side or praise the nominee.

Christie did neither.

What he did was give the late night comics several days of jokes and columnists fuel for picking on him.

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