RNC on the bubble

31 Aug

So, how did the Republican National Convention really do?

Depends how you measure it.

If TV ratings are any indication – it sucked.

Comparing it to the last one in 2008 – day two saw every network down substantially.

Four years ago on the second night was when Sarah Palin made her RNC debut.

Here’s the numbers: Just over 20 million people were watching that night on the Nielsen-rated networks, compared to 37 million for night two of the RNC in 2008.

Night one of the 2012 RNC was roughly even with night one of the 2008 RNC ratings-wise.

That makes the gap all the more sucky.

And the third and final night was beat in the ratings by – TLC’s Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

This country is going to hell.

Haven’t seen the show?
Read about it here.

To be fair – Hurricane Isaac knocked out power in around 500,000 homes in the southeast around this time.

While it probably had an impact, it’s not enough to explain the drop entirely.

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