Waz up with Paul Ryan?

6 Sep

The Republican vice presidential candidate seems to have a problem with making things up.

First, he said he ran a sub-3 hour marathon.

Wasn’t true and he got busted for that.

Now, he’s been quoted as he “made close to 40 climbs of Colorado’s ‘Fourteeners’ (14,000-foot peaks).”

This was back in 2009 in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

A reporter with The ATlantic decided to see how possible this might be, so he dropped by a climbing message board and asked.

The response:

“To have climbed forty and not be a resident means that you would have had to devote entire summers to climbing fourteeners, in essence becoming a ‘lifestyle’ hiker/scrambler. I doubt Ryan had the time or dedication to fourteeners to take the required time out from his political career. Even if you did four a summer, that would be ten summers devoted to traveling to Colorado for the purpose of high altitude hiking. Even if you live here and can drive to the trail heads, forty is a huge commitment of time and energy.”

This reminds us of the guy from high school who said he runs really fast but didn’t want to go out for the team because he tweaked his knee.

Maybe the guy at work who says he played big time basketball but seems too short.

Maybe his ex-girlfriend looked like a cross between Lindsay Lohan and Katherine Heigel.

Maybe his father has a go-kart track in his attic but he locks it when other kids come over because he doesn’t want to get sued.

The Romney campaign jumps in to clear the air:

“Paul Ryan did not mean to say that he had climbed ‘close to 40’ of Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks. He was careful to say that he had made “close to 40″ climbs.”

We can’t wait for the next whopper.

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