Hirono – Lingle: what’s at stake

7 Sep

Let’s look at the Senate race between Mazie Hirono and Linda Lingle.

It’s more important than you probably think.

This is aimed directly at those who are independent minded and don’t vote for someone just because of their political affiliation.

Hirono is a Democrat who does not necessarily have a strong record when she was a representative.

None of her bills have ever been passed and she has rarely communicates with her constituents except at re-election.

She is Senator Dan Inouye’s choice for the job.

Linda Lingle is a Republican and has a love-her or hate-her record while governor.

While in office she was accused of spending too much time on the mainland and not supporting home-town boy Barack Obama when he first ran for President.

Lingle is blamed for taking approval shortcuts that ended up with the demise of the SuperFerry, and had parents camping in her office when she tangled with the teachers over furloughs.

The Republican Party will go all out to support her – more than what you’d expect.

The House of Representatives is controlled by the Republicans, but the Senate is still Democrat.

If the Republicans can get 4 Senate seats then control of it will be in their hands.
Her election to the Senate is extremely important to her party.

Hirono winning Dan Akaka’s old seat is equally important to the Democratic Party because it will help keep the Senate in her party’s hands.
In fact that’s a major theme in Hirono’s TV ads.

Hirono will toe the line and do what Dan Inouye tells her.

That’s either a good or bad thing depending how you feel about Inouye and the Democratic Party.

Another good or bad thing is how you feel about the House and Senate being controlled by one party or not.

A lot of outside money is going to both campaigns to get you to support one or another.

If you agree with what the Republicans have, or tried, to do in Congress than Lingle should be your pick.

Republican control of the both the House and Senate will make it much easier for them to do what they want.

If you feel differently then Hirono is your only choice.

Some say keeping the Senate in Democrat hands will provide a vital check-and-balance in Washington.

There’s plus and minuses and each side.

It’s your choice.

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