Mitt Romney’s new pal

10 Sep

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney gave his enthusiastic endorsement to Representative Steve King’s re-election.

Here’s what Mittens said about the Iowa Republican:
“He needs to be your Congressman again. I want him as my partner in Washington!”

Here’s why we find this so fascinating.

King is one of the most radical and ultra conservative members of Congress.

For example:

King is the leading defender of dog-fighting and animal torture in the United States.

He recently suggested “there was something wrong” with the priorities of people who wanted to criminalize dogfighting while boxing was legal.

When challenged on that, King went on a bizarre diatribe about how the kidnapping, rape, and forced abortion of an underage girl wouldn’t be illegal under current law.

Then – King compares immigrants to dogs, and has suggested they be kept out with electrified fence.

Describing immigrants as bird dogs, he said that we should only take “frisker” people, “not the one that’s over there sleeping on the corner.”

He also thinks that multicultural groups are about self-pity and that immigrants who “love taxes” aren’t real Americans.

More – King believes states can ban birth control and that contraception may destroy America.

And – King is a birther and is unconvinced that Obama was born inside the United States, saying “they might’ve announced that by telegram from Kenya.”

The Democratic Party jumped this and came out with an ad.
Someone help us – at about the :40 mark – does he use the N-word?
It’s a bit hard to tell.

Finally – one we actually thought was cute – but a bit mean:
After the terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed, King said he was now at a place where there are 72 virgins who “probably all look like Helen Thomas.”

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