Some political thoughts

12 Sep

Just in case he loses

Republican Representative (and vice-president nominee) Paul Ryan will be running ads in Wisconsin asking voters to elect him to an eighth House term.

That’s the job he’d rather not get.

The TV ads run the same week as Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s commercials hit the air.

Wisconsin law allows Ryan to run for both offices at the same time but only serve in one if he wins them both.

Which do you think he’ll pick?

It’s all about the campaign

Someone said: It is becoming clear that if President Obama is reelected, it will be despite the economy and because of his campaign; if Mitt Romney wins, it will be because of the economy and despite his campaign.

The Romney campaign made the strange choice not to connect their candidate with voters on a personal level until their convention.

As weird as that decision was, they had the convention shortened by a day due to a hurricane, then added to the error of waiting until the convention by putting much of what was most needed to be seen in the 8 and 9 pm hours, when the only viewers would be C-SPAN fans.

In boxing, you know one fighter is trailing in points when, in the final rounds, he throws everything he can to land a knockout blow against his opponent. The same is largely true in the presidential race.

While campaigning in Ohio, we saw Mitt Romney and his team try to throw the kitchen sink at President Obama.

We’re reading it

…and it’s a bummer.

Bob Woodward’s new book, The Price of Politics.”

Woodward is meticulous, as usual, and partly because of his attention to detail, the middle of the book bogs down with endless descriptions of meetings, mind-numbing budget figures and constant gridlock.

That’s the good parts.

What makes it so depressing is the inability of leaders in Washington, starting with President Barack Obama but also including top Republican and Democratic lawmakers in Congress, to look beyond their own political fortunes and come up with a budget agreement when the nation’s economy is so clearly at risk.

Your congress at work

Republican House Speaker John Boehner is saying, “that a divided Washington may be unable to avoid a looming ‘fiscal cliff’ at the end of this year that could push the country into a recession.”

Then he adds, “I’m not confident at all.”

Everyone try to have a nice day.

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