Remembering Michele Bachmann

27 Sep

Less than a year ago, the Republican was traveling the country, making her case to be the Republican Party’s presidential nominee.

She was the darling of the Tea Party and was scaring the hell out of the Democrats.

It’s less than six weeks from that election, and she’s facing a tight race to keep her seat in Congress.

Two years ago, during the Tea Party surge, she was ahead by nearly 13 points.

How the mighty have fallen.

Bachmann’s challenger, is a hotel tycoon and has Minnesota Democrats on his side.

More importantly, he has convinced Independence Party leaders and candidates to stay out of the mix, putting as much as 10 percent of the voters up for grabs.

Those independents were a big part of Bachmann’s base.

Although he hasn’t received an official endorsement from Minnesota’s largest “third-party,” their decision to stand down has allowed him to focus exclusively on Bachmann.

His campaign says “The primary exposed [Bachmann’s] DNA. She doesn’t grasp the big picture and, in deference to her, she’s never been in business. She goes after the bank bailouts, but is against Dodd-Frank and any new regulations.”

Bachmann’s continued gaffes made people tired of her and her crazy look.

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