What Obama needs to fix

9 Oct

Let’s continue yesterday’s discussion of the presidential debate.

Instead of what was wrong – how to fix it.

We’ve given a few minutes of thought to it.

Just a few minutes because the problems were obvious and the fix is simple if Obama pulls it together.

Except for the lying, Romney did what any good debater (and Obama) should do.

So, with tons of debate training experience under our belts, we offer to the President what we would to anyone preparing for something like this.

Ignore at your own risk.

1. The best defense is a good offense

Besides looking like he didn’t give a damn, Obama sleep walked through the debate.
That probably turned a lot of people off.
It certainly did us.

Sure, a President wants to look calm, reasonable, and statesmanlike.
Obama ended up looking like he was stoned.

Take the lead, control the direction.
Keep your opponent responding to what you say, not the other way around.
Maybe a stiff drink is needed.

2. Got some zingers?

Use them.
This was classic George Costanza: Obama came up with a few the day after.
Need we explain “Monday Morning Quarterbacking”?

3. Look like this means something to you

Here’s a golden opportunity to explain your vision, your plan, your passion.

Be presidential and get people to understand in a simple way why things are the way they are and how you will change it.
Give a damn.

Cruising through the 90 minutes tells people you have no plan, no passion, no desire for the job.
Ok, we’ll give it to the other guy.

4. Call out Romney on his lies

Just about everyone agrees Romney fibbed his way through the night.

He told some whoppers and he should have had his mouth washed out with soap.
Mom did that to us once.
It made her point.

And where was Obama when Romney promised to kill off PBS and Big Bird?
A lot of kids and parents suddenly went “wha?” and you didn’t rally to their cause.

The biggest mistake some debaters make is stand there thinking out their next turn to speak and not listen to what the other guy is saying.
You do that you’ve just given credibility to what they said.

5. Call Romney on his flip-flopping

Romney is a salesman and will say what he thinks his audience wants to hear.
Obama didn’t touch it.

69 million viewers bought what he said because Obama let him.

6. Throw out the team working with you

Either Obama is dumb and didn’t listen to their advice, or he did and the advice sucked.

Either way, he got damaged and a new team is needed to prep for the next debate.
Someone with good advice Obama will listen to or someone who will call him an idiot to his face if he still wants to do it his way.

7. Spend more time preparing

We can’t imagine that they taped practice rounds and no one looked at the tape and pointed out to Obama he was looking like he’d got into the special brownies.

We don’t buy he’s too busy.
If he’s got time for fundraisers he’s got time to practice.

If a person listens long enough to people saying what a great speaker they are – they start to believe it.

Well, Obama proved he wasn’t.
Now he has to do something about it.

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