The veep debate

10 Oct

Vice presidential debates usually don’t matter much.

People elect a President, not a Vice-President.

But this time it could count – a lot.

President Barack Obama’s crappy debate performance last week has given Republicans their first sense of hope in weeks and increased the pressure on Joe Biden to get Democrats back on course.

It all rides on Joe Biden.

We thought we’d never write those words.

To make up for Obama not going after Mitt Romney on his vulnerabilities and his factual “mistakes” on stage you can expect an aggressive, hard-hitting Biden to try to get the offensive back.

Biden loves speaking and owning the stage.

He may actually do well if they can keep him on message.

GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan is known not to be a good debater.

We’ll see tomorrow.

Can Biden fix what Obama broke?

Not completely.
Having a good VP candidate on your ticket will help, just like a bad one will hurt.

Remember Sarah Palin and her disastrous interview with Katie Couric?

Let’s go back to 2004 and the debate between George W. Bush and John Kerry.

In the first debate George Bush had a bulge in his coat and took a long time to respond to questions, fueling rumors he was fit with a radio and waiting for his staff to give him the answer.

Most people just felt he was unprepared and it hurt him in the polls.

This was followed by the Vice-Presidential debate where Dick Cheney beat up John Edwards and the polls responded.

Once again we have an incumbent president flopping in his first debate, forcing his older and more seasoned vice president to take it to a younger foe.

Here’s what facing Ryan…

He has a choice: either stand by the extreme positions he’s been the face of for years — and Romney has fully embraced — like turning Medicare into a voucher program and cutting taxes for the wealthiest few at the expense of the middle class, or flat-out deny their existence as Romney did in last week’s debate.

You can expect Biden to hit Ryan with all those questions Obama should have asked Romney, and didn’t.

But remember, people vote for a President and not a Vice-President.

Obama made the mess and he has to fix it.

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